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Melissa MacGillycuddy





Art Psychotherapy

West Cork


Online and face to face

Sessions for adults

 adolescents and 



and group




Melissa MacGillycuddy.  M.A 

I am a senior Art Psychotherapist, practicing in between Clonakilty and Bandon, West Cork, face-to-face or online with adults, adolescents and children.
Referrals for art therapy can be client self-referrals, or arranged by GP's,  psychiatrists, teachers, social workers or by other professional colleagues. 
Accredited with the Irish Association of Creative Art Therapists ( I.A.C.A.T ). I comply with supervision, insurance, and Garda vetting. I have gained further training from the Online Therapy Institute, U.K. Regisistered as a Tusla H.S.E Vendor.


What is
Art Psychotherapy?

Art psychotherapy / art therapy is a unique creative process where art-making and psychotherapy combine to aid individual growth, awareness and healing. In art therapy no art skills are required – you are free to make images which provide a more tangible and immediate way to express feelings and emotions. The aim is to release creativity, ease distress, increase awareness, resolve conflicts, and/or cope with trauma. Art therapy can help you to manage and resolve emotional problems, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, bereavement, depression, anxiety, feeling stuck, health problems and general life struggles. 

Art psychotherapy is a sensory based, experiential therapy which provides visual, kinaesthetic, tactile, olfactory and auditory experiences, using the creative process. This enables the individual to communicate non-verbally as well as verbally as emotions are experienced, allowing unconscious material related to past traumas to be become conscious so as to be processed.

Young children, adolescents and adults who find it hard to express themselves can use art to express their feelings. The Art psychotherapist helps repair these issues drawing on theoretical frameworks including attachment theory, trauma theory and relational neurobiology. At all times the art therapeutic practice  is confidential, safe and non-judgmental.


Initially, an art psychotherapy assessment session is arranged, to meet and assess if the client will benefit from therapy, and understands what to expect. Issues are discussed confidentially, and if the client feels comfortable to proceed, they agree to the initial block of  6 weekly sessions by filling out a consent form.

Based on the age and needs of the client, a session aims to last for 50 minutes. 


In an art psychotherapy session, the art therapist provides various art media such as paints, clay, collage, and other materials to help the client to express and explore their emotions, develop insight and make sense of difficult life experiences. The art therapist holds a safe, confidential setting, and works in a non-judgmental way. Art therapy sessions are generally non-directive and client-led, though therapists may offer themes or directives. It can take place in an individual or a group context. Art therapy is not an art class nor is its purpose recreational, though sessions can be enjoyable. There is no need for any prior art-making experience. The therapist works with the client to explore their images to reach their own personal understanding and insight. The therapy progress is reviewed on the 6th session, which will determine the outcome of the therapy going forward.

Online art psychotherapy sessions may suit clients that find it hard to attend face-to-face. Art materials will have to be provided by yourself, however, this choice can be very basic. Before commencing therapy, an intake form will be sent out to you and returned to me. Then an assessment session will be arranged to be online using Zoom, following this session, if it is agreed to be suitable for you, a consent form will be sent to you to fill in and returned.

Blocks of 6 sessions with a review on the 6th session will be agreed upon.

It is important to note that a quiet private space, with good internet coverage is essential.  

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