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Individual art therapy is suited to people who feel ready to explore their issues in depth. Using the art images, a record is made of the sessions and is held in a personal folder with the therapist.  The art made in therapy can be invested with emotions and is used for reflection on your healing journey. At the end of the sessions, the folder can be taken home or it can be held confidentially with the therapist. Images may be used for reflection in supervision during the therapeutic time frame.

Consent forms must be filled in by a parent or caregiver if the client is under 18 years of age. Feedback sessions are made by appointment.

All sessions are 70 euros.

The underlying philosophy in all group therapy is the social aspect of people. Groups can be very beneficial for supporting one another in a confidential creative space. Sharing similar issues and processing creative insights together can be very healing. Boundaries are put in place before commencing the group, to ensure that each participant feels safe and heard.  Using an approach called open studio, the therapist may set themes, and the images created are reflected upon if desired. It is important that the art therapy space is fit for purpose.

Group therapy sessions run for 2 hours and can be delivered in blocks of 6 weeks.

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